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Food/HRI Food Service

Cadillac Products Packaging Company, Engineered Solutions

Food/HRI Food Service

Over the past 65 years, Cadillac Products Packaging Company has developed and supplied many new/innovative flexible packaging alternatives to the Food industry. Our focus on barrier applications has driven us to be a leader in food packaging technology Our products cover a broad spectrum of market segments.

Our ability to engineer and manufacture custom films, in-house, allows us to develop and supply unique flexible packaging solutions for many food applications. We are confident that our Food Packaging Team can deliver a successful packaging solution to you.

Meat- Food Service

From biodegradable to ultra-high strength barrier films, we can cover any specialized application you have.


We produce everything from biodegradable laminations to high-barrier, bulk pre-made pouches.

Dairy & Organic

As an IMS listed flexible packaging company, We engineer and manufacture films that are used on every facet of dairy packaging. – Our family of films and laminations are exclusively printed and laminated with water-based materials that complement our full line of biodegradable plastic films.

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