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Green/Sustainable Packaging

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Green/Sustainable Packaging

Cadillac Products Packaging Company’s leadership guides the sustainable, strategic focus initiated over 20 years ago. As the company looks toward the future, Cadillac Products will continue to evaluate many new, emerging technologies derived from renewable resources such as biodegradable plastic polymers and recycled materials. Cadillac Products Packaging Company is very proud of a long history of accomplishments and will always keep environmental sustainability as a principal mission.

Non-toxic ink

Waterbased Inks & Adhesives

CPPC exclusively uses waterbased technology in the manufacturing of our products. We emit no harmful gases or emissions which are common in our industry.

Biodegradable Films and Laminations

Our Product Development group has engineered a family of biodegradable products. We can evaluate your current package and recommend a biodegradable alternative.

Find out what green packaging can do for your product. It looks great and it’s good for the Earth!

Environmental Focus

In an industry where it is common to use harmful chemicals and processes, CPPC is dedicated to providing “earth-friendly” alternatives to traditional methods.

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