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With environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and access to the latest in sustainable material technology, Cadillac Products Packaging Company is focused on innovative and meaningful solutions that are safer for the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

We use only water-based or solventless printing and lamination systems to reduce VOC emissions compared to solvent-based systems.  We made the decision to move away from the use of harmful chemical solvents long before it was common in the industry and are committed to keeping our processes safe and sustainable.

Products with the Planet in Mind

We have developed a wide range of sustainable products and tested them in a variety of different packaging applications. Available products include:

  • Recycleable Stand Up Pouch
    • Eligible for “store drop-off” recycling at over 18,000 national locations
    • Non-Barrier and Barrier options are available for a variety of applications
  • Compostable films and laminations
    • Structures produced using multiple ASTM D6400 certified materials
    • ASTM D6400 certification pending for a multilayer printed, barrier lamination
  • USDA Bio-Based Program
    • Certified for renewable content by a 3rd party
    • Laminations consisting of multiple bio-based materials

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