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5 Layer Blown Films

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5 Layer Blown Films

Cadillac Products Packaging Company manufactures Monolayer Film, 3- Layer Coextruded Films and 5-layer Coextruded Films utilizing the Blown Film process. Our award winning R&D department can help you create the perfect combination of resins and polymers for even the toughest requirements.

5 Layer Coextruded Barrier Films

  • 5 separate extruders provide any
  • ABCDE combination
  • Processing Resins such as: HDPE, LLDPE, Bynel, EVA, Surlyn® and Nylon, ULLDPE, EVOH
  • Widths availables
    • Non-Barrier up to 60″ layflat
    • Barrier (nylon, EVOH) up to 56″ lay flat
  • Gauges from 1.0 mil (25 microns) to 7.0 mil (175 microns)
  • 3″ or 6″ cores
  • Roll OD‘s up to 39″

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