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Cadillac Products Packaging Company, Engineered Solutions


Cadillac Products Packaging Company is an innovative Dairy flexible packaging company. As a strategic market segment, Dairy applications are a large part of our development efforts. Our wide range of internal film-making and converting capabilities allow CPPC to offer a breadth of products unmatched in our industry.

Multilayer Coextrusions

Cream Cheese Packaging

Our current capabilities include coex films that are engineered for specific performance criteria. The current product offering includes films used in a variety of end-uses, such as: cultured dairy lidding; cream cheese bar wrap; aseptic, barrier laminations and films.

Easy Peel Films

CPPC uses a proprietary blend of resins that can be combined in a barrier film and/or printed lamination. Our current product offerings for Easy Peel films and laminations include cultured dairy lidding, barrier-bulk cheese and shelf-stable pudding.

Foil Laminations

In some Dairy applications, foil-based barrier is the only material that will meet the performance requirements. We have the knowledge and capability to provide many foil-based products for a myriad of applications. Our current product offerings for foil laminations include shelf-stable pudding, cream cheese bar-wrap, cultured dairy lidding, bulk and work-in-process applications.

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