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Military Spec/MIL-PRF

The award winning HD Series, preservation wrapping material, replaces rigid packaging for a wide range of heavy-duty industrial products including military aircraft, turbine engines and welding supplies and much more. A significant benefit of our Military Spec Packaging is its substantial cost savings over rigid packaging, as well as a potential savings in outsource costs for users.

Cadillac Products packaging was the first to qualify the ultra-high barrier, clear film, MIL PRF 22191 Type I, Class 1, and as of October 2014, MIL-PRF-22191F, Type II, Class 2.

We offer an extensive line of products like our HD Series that meets or exceeds MIL-PRF-131K for creating a very high barrier for both oxygen and moisture vapor. Our Qualified Products Listing (QPL) Mil-PRF products are available in a variety of thicknesses and formulations. Cadillac Products Packaging Company has the products to meet even the toughest preservation requirements

Operational Rations/Meals-Ready-to-Eat/Humanitarian & Emergency Meals

Cadillac Products Packaging Company was formed in 1942 to meet the urgent packaging needs of the U.S. Armed Forces. Over thirty years ago we were, again, asked by the Department of Defense to help revolutionize the way food was delivered to our troops during battle. Since then, every major innovation in packaging technology for all Federal Government’s Ration programs has come from the ingenuity and technical expertise of CPPC.

Besides our technical expertise, we are also the only packaging supplier that possesses the manufacturing capacity to meet the significant increases in demand during wartime surges and natural disasters. Our most recent development in Menu Bag technology has the potential of reducing polyethylene resin usage by almost 1 million pounds annually, thus reducing packing and shipping costs as well as helping the environment.

We bring this same dedication and innovation to every project we undertake. All of CPPC‘s packaging materials, from laminations to 9 layer coextrusions, meet or exceed the Federal Government’s rigorous standards for Military Specifications and performance.

MRE Packaging

MRE Packaging

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